Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Has my parcel arrived yet?
2.   What are your hours?
3.   How much does it cost?
4.   Do I have to pay with U.S. currency?
5.   Do I need an invoice?
6.   Do I have to pay duty?
7.   How do I get to your location?
8.   Do you still deliver to the Gas Trak

1. Has my parcel arrived yet?
If you have an account with us you will receive an eMail when your parcel(s) has been processed, read your eztrackit notifications for more details. The parcel addressee must match your First Name and Last Name so make sure you have account(s) that will match those names from the shipper to receive your notification when your parcel arrives at our facility.

2. What are your hours?
* Current Hours:10-5pm M-F(outside of the hours we need 24 hr. notice),weekends only with prior appt(call no later than 5pm Friday);(emergency closure w/o notice, hours will vary), for the exception of 4 major holidays(New Years, Christmas, US Thanksgiving, & July 4th subject to change anytime) we are closed, 10-4 prior day of holiday except if holiday falls on a weekend (closed on that weekend). (click here to view our Holiday hours).

3. How much does it cost?
Most parcels are $5.00 any different will reflect on your email notifications. (click here to view our current rate sheet).

4. Do I have to pay with U.S. currency?
Our preference is U.S. currency(always make sure you have enough cash) but we will accept Canadian currency at banks rate(rounded to the next dollar-no coins) and we are able to process major credit cards.

5. Do I need an invoice?
Yes, you will be asked for an invoice when you cross the border and declare your purchases in the U.S. Print out your invoice(s). (Click here for the Canadian Customs Information Website)

6. Do I have to pay duty?
You may be asked to pay duty, depending on origin of manufacturer when you cross the border based on the values and the time you had spent in the U.S. (Click here for the Canadian Customs Information Website)

7. How do I get to your location?
We are located at the Pembina Airport on old Highway 81 just south of town. You can get to the airport from town by crossing the bridge at the end of Main Street (West Stutsman) and following the road south about 2km to the airport entrance on your right. Or you can exit Interstate 29 at the next exit south of Pembina (exit 212) and go east to the next main road (Highway 81), turn left and the airport will be just ahead on your left. We are in the main white hangar, we are located in the lobby upstairs. Parking lot is on the east side of the building, available U turn for semis. The sidewalk is not a drive thru. DO NOT drive onto the airport ramp and do not drive on the grass.

8. Do you still deliver(Semis only)(24 hour notice) to the Gas Trak?
FOR SEMITRUCKS ONLY! Yes,if the vehicle is availalbe or manpower and additional delivery fees apply (may vary with fuel prices). Restrictions on road 105 and hwy. 81, limit of 50,000 lbs., after rain or snow melt, go to gas trak or you may come in your cab. Stay off the airport ramp and do not drive over the grass.


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